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I created this website because I saw a huge gap in help for Dietitians working in Clinical Nutrition care for the older adult and elderly population.

All the information I could find either was clearly written for a younger population, was not written by someone who was a Dietitian, or was written by someone who had never practiced as a Clinical Dietitian.

I felt it was time to make Dietitians working in the older adult and elderly population to stop feeling so alone.  I always want to show support to Dietitians working in such a critical area.  

I wanted to create a one stop shop for Dietitians so they could stop endlessly searching online for resources.  

I develop resources that are all written BY a Dietitian FOR Dietitians that actually work in clinical areas.  

If this resonates with you, I hope you find exactly what you need here.

Michelle Saari MSC, RD

Longtermcarerd Founder

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