Michelle saari

About Michelle

Michelle is an expert in Elderly Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Her accomplishments include:

Graduate of the University of Manitoba

Bachelor’s Degree in Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutritional Sciences

Master’s Degree in Science, Specialized in Human Nutritional Sciences

Registered Dietitian

Her thesis research was a part of the largest long term care study on food and fluid intake, The Making the Most of Mealtimes: M3 Study.

She has over 7 years of Medical Nutrition Therapy experience working with the elderly.  

It is her passion to further the career of Registered Dietitian’s working with the elderly, whether in Long Term Care, Long Term Acute Care, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Acute Care of the Elderly, or Transitional Elderly Care.

Michelle is available for public speaking engagements, including:


Elderly Nutrition Support Groups

Educational Settings and Lectures

Dietitian Education Sessions

Michelle speaks on a variety of topics including:
Alzheimer’s, Dementia, End of Life, Making Mealtimes Matter, Improving Long Term Care Homes Practices, Clinical Dietitian Practices, and much more.