End of Life Nutrition Book & Video!


Are you prepared to talk about End of Life Nutrition with a Patient or Loved Ones?

Every single Clinical Dietitian SHOULD be educated and informed on End of Life Nutrition care!

I want you to have the confidence to speak about this because YOU can make a difference to your patients and their loved ones.

In the newest eBook to launch in the collection I will teach you:

End of Life Nutrition Guidelines

End of Life Hydration Benefits and Burdens

How to Start Tough Conversations about End of Life Nutrition and Hydration with loved ones

Should your patient be tube fed at the end of life?

How do I tell a family that tube feeding is or isn’t the right choice?

Is weight loss and not eating at the end of life normal?

End of Life Nutrition and Hydration – Side Effects, When it’s appropriate, and more!

By the end of this eBook on End of Life Nutrition and Hydration you will feel more confident to talk with loved ones about:

What happens at end of life nutrition

The natural dying process regarding nutrition

and so much more!

The benefit of this eBook is it comes with a teaching video too!  I go through a broad overview of the book and include case studies to help you understand how to have tough conversations!


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