LTC Clinical Dietitian Resource Guide


The LTC Clinical Dietitian Resource Guide is a MUST HAVE for Dietitian’s working in a clinical setting with the elderly/older adult population.

Do you need a Clinical Resource Guide that tells you how to handle nutrition issues that are practical and applicable in long term care?

Do you have problems trying to find simple nutrition answers to your patient’s nutrition problems?

Do you want a straight forward answer, such as what to do when a patient is losing weight and you can’t figure out why?

This Clinical Dietitian Resource Guide gives you

–> Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with common nutrition problems in elderly patients
–> Common nutrition problems we see in long term care

–> A practice guide written by an actual practicing Dietitian in long term care

This book was written by a Dietitian for Dietitians.  It’s easy to understand, and will certainly make your job MUCH easier.

This guide covers Dysphagia, Significant Weight Changes, Perfect your PES statement skills, and much more!

No more searching for the answer online, it’s all in this guide!

Become an expert as a Clinical Dietitian with this Resource Guide!

Get your copy today!


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