Pocket Guide For Dietitians Prepping For State Surveys


Do you know all the standards that Clinical Dietitian’s are supposed to keep?


Then you need this guide!

What Does This Guide Have?

This Pocket Guide for Dietitians Prepping for State Surveys will help you if you

Want confidence to pass a State Survey

Want to know which patients are critical to follow up on

Need guidance on audits that should be completed

Need help with interpreting the regulations

Want to know what to document on a daily basis to be prepared all year

This Pocket Guide will help you with all of the above!
It provides an easy to understand synopsis of the Critical Element Pathways focused for Dietitians.
Keep this Pocket Guide handy to keep track of what you need to do to prepare & pass State Surveys!

This guide reviews the 6 Critical Element Pathways that Surveyors use to guide their questions for you.

Using these pathways helps Dietitians working in Survey areas, to:

1) Establish how to document
2) Be better prepared for lines of questions during the interviews
3) Know areas they need to focus on in preparing for Surveys
4) Focus on the important processes throughout the year, so that Surveys are no issue
5) Establish a tracking system for patients that will likely have their charts audited during Surveys

This guide a must have, whether you’re a new RD or seasoned!  

Please note that this en Ebook and a PDF copy will be sent to your email following purchase, you may print or keep handy on your computer!


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